Saturday, April 14, 2012


naked island.

we forgot our keys somewhere...


poison of choice.

here kitty, kittyyy

"full moon party is postponed"

ocean 101.

save a wave...

one fish, two fish...

now where did my other slipper go?

APRIL BATA REYES. please dont bet your child's education plan should this girl ask you for a game of pool or two.




the summer sister is in siargao. and i am stuck in the city swamped with work and what-nots. gone are the days when i would just pack my bags and head to wherever without a care in the world. ahhhhhh to be a worker ant! so here i am walking down memory lane and kicking myself in the process. 
siargao is such a lovely place and the people i have learned to love and respect. with whatever little they have, they never fail to share it with an anecdote or two. They are always happy to lend a hand even in the absence of reciprocity. it's funny how i become a totally different person the moment i start speaking their language - a hodgepodge of cebuano and babytalk to my ears. i have sought refuge in this island a couple of times - broke my heart and bruised my soul in the process but i always seem to rejoin the ratrace after not just with a tan and a knack for all the card games known to mankind, but with good spirits, as well. <3