Monday, March 1, 2010

rainy days and mondays.

i am a summer girl. but thanks to global warming, i am seriously hoping for the rainy days to come already. it is TOO hot even at 4 in the morning. for some strange reasons, i have a warmer body compared to most people and i sweat pretty easily. and this led me to not wanting to participate in any games as a child and to my preference to really short dresses. well, that and my being a Catholic schoolgirl all throughout grade school and high school(think: long skirts, high socks, shivers!)
this week is gonna be crazy. a lot of paperworks and studying to do. and it is not gonna help that i need to shed a few pounds for a project i am doing with a friend's friend.
i have already declared this year as my year and i am keeping the fire burning. no procrastination this time. it is my lil sissy's thesis defense today. send her all the love, you guys! ;()

and yeah. no work for me today. it's the Korean Independence Day! i am cooking pancit for a dear friend. my mom's gonna be proud. mehopes. iloveyou, mommy.

photos: (totally irrelevant to the post, i know) top: thrifted, shorts: topshop