Sunday, March 14, 2010

the home of the brave..

Saturday night was spent with a very good friend and his girlfriend. i befriended him because he had a great camera and he was always nice. forward to 2007, we got our hearts broken and i cried my heart out not knowing he was hurting, as well. jp, i have never thanked you enough for walking with me from the boulevard to hayahay just because i wanted some fresh air to clear my mind. you do know im always here for you, right? but of course, you have to bring your cameras with you.
we are doing some projects real soon and am pretty excited. i pray it would push through this time. mr. suave, if you ever find this blog, since you claimed you have magnificent googling powers, im gonna style all your shoots free of charge. haha and i cant wait for our APO island getaway.

and please stop making me do all these cheesy poses, i look like i was about to crack up in all the photos. :()

MANNY PACQUIAO, please marry me.

blazer: jessica
top : thrifted
shorts : thrifted
shoes : matthews (CMG)
bag : nine west
automobile: i wouldn't know