Thursday, March 11, 2010

summertime and the livin's easy...


it is still march but the heat is almost unbearable! our building's fire alarm went off yesterday when it reached 40 degrees C at 4 in the afternoon when it's not supposed to be THAT hot anymore. soooo out came all these dresses i have saved for the 'rainy days' (i.e. when it's too illogical for a girl like me whose closet is filled with all things black and wonderful to be wearing mmmm black!) didn't know there's a frilly girly-girl hiding inside of me. ha!

this outfit is sooo not me. but am loving it. so, yeah. it must be the heat.

floral dress: thrifted for 50pesos. yay!
belt: thrifted a long time ago
blazer: promod, which i cant stop wearing, sosueme.
ring: rustans
earrings: accesorize

and my dear sister, in case you ask, yes, i was talking to someone in the 1st photo. and yes, i am a poser likethat. haha i miss you.