Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I've got whozits and whatzits galore...

i remember ava tagging me a loooong time ago in a post where she round up 10 things she love. sorry, Ava, it toooook me forever but here goes ^^: 

1. a. Marc Jacobs DAISY parfum . an all-time fave simply because it was named after me, my mom, and my little sister. i kid, i kid. b. ACCESORIZE sunglasses - perfect shape for my small face. part of the loot from Bloggers United 2. yay! :() 3. knit sweater i can just throw anytime. because.the.weather.is.bipolar.

2. what's inside my bag ANY GIVEN DAY. a. pink skull candy earphones because im cool like that to drown out the noise when i don't feel like mmm talking. :() b. REVOLUTIONARY ROAD from eden. thanks, love. a must-read btw.

3. wire keychain from Anagon of the Fashionista Commuter who makes the cutest things! and stuff elephant from Accesorize. Alexa has one, too! Accesorize gave away  cute thingamajigs to those who were wearing/ using anything from Accesorize that day. good thing lex and i had Accesorize bracelets on. Thanks, Accesorize! and thank you, Ana! ^^ 

4. a. my eco-bag of the moment from Treston Int'l. College where Bloggers United 2 was held. I love how it's not too big but i can still stuff a loooot of things inside. b. Accesorize sunglasses. 

5-6. a. Boots i got from Laureen Uy of Break My Style during Bloggers United 2. They're 2 sizes too big but theyre the comfiest thing so, yay! b. friendship bracelet i was supposed to give to a friend but i didn't get a chance to. the HOPE charm came from a bracelet i got from Rustans years ago.

7. a. LEVIS' Go Forth armband from the adorable Jeff Songco of Thinline Advertising. Thank you, jeff! b. the butterflies on my  MNG blue blazer which i also got from one of the bloggers in BU2. everything was a blur that day that i totally forgot who i got it from but thank you, babe. ahlavet!

8. glittery nail polish from the faceshop. 'nuff said.

9. neck chervaler from parfois. i seriously dont know what you call this thingy. it can be used as a tiara, too! 

10. boots from Hush Puppies for rainy days and for kicking ass.

11. my love. Alexander Wang Kori off the chain boot. haba lang ng name. 

12. annnnd Mojitos from Maya for nights with the girls and friends. 

so, now im tagging Eden, Janah, Alexa, Marco and Rabsin, Sweet, chyrel, liezyl, gizelle, dred, toni, gillian, alyssallure and Mac. ang walang ganito, mamalasin sa 2012. hala!