Friday, December 2, 2011

neon + leopard | FOREVER 21 Cebu

the only time that you could drag me out of bed at ungodly hours in the morning would be during a Pacquiao fight. i have monetized from all of them Pacquiao fights that nobody wanted to bet against me in the last bout. but i digress.
i am probably the grumpiest person in the morning that i refuse to work or even go to meetings early in the morning and apparently only very good friends have the power to make me leave my bed. So, Eden, Carl and I were among the first to hit the newly-opened Forever 21 at SM Northwing Cebu. We got goodie bags from Procter and Gamble. yay!
It was sooo sweet seeing girls with their friends looking at every item with such passion and curiosity. But the crowd was just too much for me. after an hour, i only got a necklace not that there was a dearth for nice stuff but because i am just not wired to be around too many people when shopping. i may have to wait for a couple more weeks when the hype dies down and i can finally shop in peace thankyouverymuch. 
but nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS Forever 21 Cebu and to my girl, gayle! 

and here's a photo of me and the adorable issa mendezona. thank you for reading my blog, guapa. *blush blush* ♥, margarita

top - thrifted, blazer - moda alba collezione, shorts - topshop, shoes - F21
photos: eden villarba