Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, can't anybody see, We've got a war to fight...

dominic sy working his magic on cass yu

doing what i do best :()


the stylist, marlon wafer of wafer models, ang plantsadora, the muk-ap artist ♥


the food i didnt get to enjoy cause i had to bounce early :(

my father once asked me what exactly do i get from blogging and 
putting myself out there for the whole
 world to see and sometimes, to pick on. 
and i could only think of three things.
meeting kindred souls who share the same passion as i do.
doing what i do best and actually enjoy it.
and being true to myself.

i come from a family of engineers and teachers and nurses and accountants and not 
doing the usual route was never easy. 

so, papa, if you're reading this, i am happy with what im doing now and no, i won't 
quit my day job. not just yet.  :()

(assisting eden style for Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa's villas ad campaign) 

top - topshop, pants - terranova, bag - thrifted, necklace - SM accesories loaned from eden 
photos: hazel pax