Friday, March 16, 2012

citrus sunburst.

Citrus Sunburst - my favorite drink just a notch below Down South ^^

silent. just the way i like it.

eazy breezy afternoon with Rach at Ila Puti. Decided to split the Citrus Sunburst between us to beat the heat. and just when i was about to rant about how the weather is driving me nuts, it rained. for about 5 minutes. maybe to cool things off or maybe to shut me up. 
so, going back to the drink - Rach pointed out how things seem to taste soo much better in small doses. and lil old me couldn't help but agree. vainpot old me. 

top - promod, blazer - MNG, pants -, rings - accesorize, rustans, clutch - from my sister's shop