Saturday, March 10, 2012

of friends, stripes and union jack


i will miss you, tine! <3

soliiiiid! solid og lawas!

team B2B and Team EXPO <3
tried to offset all the doughnuts we had... tsk tsk tsk

you know a friend is for keeps when he shows up at work with a box of krispy kremes just because youre sick - never mind that you are actually secretly happy of the weight loss and never mind that you know this is all a sabotage masquerading as mmmm.. friendship? now i do not have the most adventurous taste buds and i DO appreciate my friends who force feed me with just about anything and i DO like people who love to eat simply because they're happier people. and i actually like it when friends explain to me the dynamics of mixing this oil with this mushroom plus that sauce or whatever. but i draw the line on dog meat and bugs and pizza and pasta - not that i havent tried them... but dear friend, if you show up again with a box of calories, please know that i will start reassessing whatever is left of our friendship. <3

i had been alternately wishing and dreading for this week to end with all the meetings and the meet-ups i had to do and knowing that it's tine's last week at work. i will miss having you around my coke / fire exit tambay / blonde partner. i love you, tine. cheers!

and yeah, the scarf. i was sick - i was feeling cold and my throat hurt. i  kid, i kid. it's a known fact that i really really love scarves in all their warmest glory. i always seem to find an excuse to squeeze them in my outfits 32 ° C be damned.

happy weekend, loves!
i hope you're not as sick as me. 

union jack scarf - accesorize