Saturday, March 3, 2012

We made a really good team You and I and our acid washed jeans...

the heat is just unbeaaarable. 
and wearing as little clothing as possible is a MUST.
and i don't care if the last time the rest of the world wore cropped tops and acid-wash jeans was when the Spice Girls were still hot and Kurt Cobain was semi-dead.
why i grabbed this vest on my way out of the office is still beyond me.
2 minutes out of the door and i was sweating profusely.
it was just toooo hot the camera started vibrating, hence the blurry photos or i dunno.
not that i have a good relationship with anything electronic. but i digress...
It's Summer in The P.I.!
my favorite time of the year!
and i have been busy plotting my adventures and i will try to wear sunscreen this time.
so, where are y'all heading, lovelies?
pray tell...

top - oxygen (gifted by alexa), jeans - JAG (my sister's), belt (terranova), shoes - zara