Thursday, September 20, 2012




a couple of days ago, maria tweeted how we, the OMD girls and midnight, needed a new friend who can model, knows a thing or two about cameras and most importantly, understands the perils a snapping reflector brings. yes, they snap. and they hurt. and you better know how to dodge. so, who did we choose to be our new friend? (not that there were a lot willing anyways) no other than the hotter than hell leagoeson (yes, i call people by their twitter handle. like this: "hey jem underscore blahblah!" cooler that way). how we first met is a cliche. Cebu is a cliche. everybody KNOWS everybody. sometimes you hate it, sometimes you retreat to your batcave and pray you meet someone new who you do not have 47 common friends yet on facebook.

but, yes, back to lea. this girl cracks me up. she tweets like no one's reading. go visit her blog and you'd know what im talking about. her being talented is a given. but her ability to make me go LOL is priceless. and you should hear her chuckle, too! it's even funnier than what's coming out of her mouth.

so, leagoeson, if youre reading this, i hope you have a slight idea of the world into which you are about to be propelled. it's gonna be fun. and it's your turn to model next. and no, we dont take NO for an answer. part of the deal, mate. mwah.

photos by lea. Minolta SRT101, expired True Colors film

wearing the most overused items in my closet: ZALORA top, CAMO jacket (no theyre not from a sundalo boyfriend, manong outside my building), fishbone leather shorts, fringe boots