Wednesday, September 26, 2012

this time baby, i'll be bulletproof...

the cheesiest song EVER but is on replay on days when the sun plays hide and seek.
you grab your most comfortable dress/shirt then you realize youre showing to much skin and since youre feeling nostalgic melancholic vindictive bruised (insert all MAOY words you can think of here fueled of course by LA ROUX) you grab one of your camo jackets (yes, i have two of them) hoping it would somehow do it's job and hide you from prying eyes and silly manongs who think you date a sundalo. and because it's just not enough, you find your ugliest hat and your most annoying sunnies
and off you go. like a gremlin in drag. or mary kate olsen. in 2004. #yolo, lovers and friends. #Y O L O.


I won't let you turn around
And tell me now I'm much too proud
All you do is fill me up with doubt
photos: tonitons - non-believer of signs and zodiacs
DIY cutout UNIQLO dress, H&M sunnies, Jeffrey Campbell Litas