Friday, September 14, 2012

LIFE LATELY part 10292211


the BFF, chef nori san, kitty meow2 part 2 miss J and one of the crazy poses i make when im in the mood.

cue Katy Perry's "Thinking of You" here. #chos

pagtungtong ng Setyembre! PAK! cause im Filipino laykdut.

for lalai...

the night i confessed to a glass of mojitos...

woke up to a throbbing headache and the dreaded walk of shame...

...but had to work #kumikitangkabuhayan

and found the cure to every heartache hangover!
because one moment it's snowing raining...

...and the next moment - the WRATH of the sun!

my miming loves...

concert kings and queens!

my favorite APO Hiking Society song and my favorite guapo boys :)

DRUM TAO! thank you for the tix alexa and ILUVCEBU :)
dolce's red velvet cupcake. date with the davao BFF.

kaluoy pud tawon...

grey-eyed. gata salvaje.

midnight's red horse, Maria's ube and my durian on a lazy afternoon at the OMD HQ.

doodles and how to stretch Lycra.

take 1! taaakkke 2!
you're welcome.

#occupyoutpost. POWERSPOONZ and my pretty girls.

the lawyer, the "victim" and the "experienced". the LOVE DEBATE at 1AM which resulted into...

me downloading this friggin song...

and capping it all off with kwek kwek from the kanto.

so, how have you been, my loves? :)

most photos swiped from friends' IG :) thanks friends.