Wednesday, October 10, 2012


my obsession love affair with camo is getting out of hand. i am always finding ways to infuse it in my daily outfit. I swear this hat was calling my name when i was getting dressed and i just had to mix it with this sequined top and shimmery pants. This camo obsession can only be blamed on me not being on the ROTC in High School. i was am a Girl Scout through and through. I didn't see the point of me learning how to hold a rifle properly when friendship bracelets and square knots were more fun and mind-boggling, i must add. so, now i have 2 camo jackets, 1 camo parka (which is totally unnecessary if you live in the tropics) a pair of combat boots and a camo backpack. geez. cloying, i know. But i will probably draw the line at camo swimsuits. seriously.

sequined top - CHLOE, pants - ELLE, sandals - Stacatto
photos: madebymaria AKA the girl who has famous Thai friends.