Saturday, October 6, 2012


i like my loop earrings thin. the thinner the better. and i like this color combo - black and neon(green). especially at night.

black because, well, it's a no-brainer non-color that evokes "mystery" and makes us ALL look a little leaner. And neon because im teensy small and its easier for my friends to spot me when we are out and about at night AKA videoke-ing, COCOL, 2 rounds of mojitos - just 2 because beyond that is a totally different story, resto/fastfood hop and a looot of catching up. Godknows how many times i had to go home alone because i couldn't find my friends OR they couldn't find me.
yes, we are boring people. and we do stuff old people do. but thank you for coming here. *waves at Russia*
btw, how do you name all these neon colors? do you call them as they are and just add "neon"? like neon green, neon pink... or is there a more cerebral way to call them? enlighten me. im too lazy to google.
loop earrings - Accesorize, shoes, ALDO, top and bottom - whoknows?
photos: jem mwah