Monday, October 22, 2012

Bandung, Indonesia PHOTODIARY II



 nasi goreng kambing (i guess)

jati's survival kit - BB, GPS, tea, and FOOOOD!
 my guapo friends i sorely miss.

 i wanted to take this home with me :) VESPA LOVE!
still my favorite city.
Bandung with my favorite indonesian pilots.
funny how it usually takes me months years to share my travel photos. i keep the memory in my heart for as long as i can until i need mnemonics (i.e. photos, a particular scent, etc.) to force me to remember. you see, i forget easily. mostly by choice. and partly to survive. but there are memories i want to keep forever. not just in my heart but also in my head.
this is one of those.
i was running on Coke (the soda) and sheer persistence. i barely slept the night before and i managed to lose my friends (much to their horror) for a couple of hours while shopping at Paris Van Java and my phone was of no help. I only know a smidgen of Bahasa and i got by with a whole lot of charm and eyelash batting after every "makasih, mas/mba".
ended the day with a super late lunch at The Stone Cafe and more shopping for the boys at the factory outlets. Bandung is not only known for the artists it produced but also for the cooler weather and the gazillion outlet shops. yes, the boys know me too well. :)
Jalan Sukajadi 137-139, Indonesia
Gerbang Dago Resort, Dago Atas, Bandung 40198, Indonesia