Wednesday, October 24, 2012

palm trees... and more palm trees...

im not really a whiner but motherfucker this weather is making me sick from head to toe. I found myself crying inside the plane on my way home because i felt cooooold i was shaking uncontrollably. if the flight lasted a minute more, i might have hugged the person sitting beside me. no joke. it was thaaaat bad. and tonight, it's storming in my city. and please indulge me cause i will whine some more tonight. ugh.
but yeah. on with the outfit. thanks marco for finding these pants for me. this is not my usual color palette but im beginning to like it. funny to be wearing colors when the weather is just sooo unpredictable. remind me to wear this in the summertime.
top - bazaar find, lavender skinny pants - Uniqlo, blue suede shoes - MSE, clutch / earrings - Accesorize
photos: madebymaria