Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Comfit's comfy and easy on the eyes interiors

too much prints, colors and layering - things that i shun away from but definitely look good on uhmm taller girls. :)
 sparkly and shiny maka-happy things :)
 yan-yan, my all-year-round jenjing geps pakner. (i seriously need that skirt in my life, frend)
 appreciating accessories.
girls in shoe heaven
 the NFFs
 the OMD girls :)
 Gravity and Wings. :)
 the tell-tale shoes...
one word can make me and these girls all giddy with excitement - SHOES.
Maybe we are all predisposed genetically to go gaga over the sight (and smell) of new shoes!
So, imagine the chaos when a couple of Cebu Fashion Bloggers plus two of Cebu's renowned photographers got together for the newest Comfit store in the city. I swear everyone just gravitated towards their kind of footwear. And yes, I found myself in front of this sparkly
pair - the more shimmery and sky-high, the better! It is always fun to be with these girls who are not only well-dressed but are also genuinely positive to boot. And it's probably a sign that both yan-yan and lex were rocking peplum that day. Peplum is sucha funny word and something that i haven't really had the guts to try just yet because I have HIPS! and im short.
 but i know i will eventually cave. like i always do. when everyone else has moved on to a new trend. not that this trend is new new. but, yeah, you know what i mean :)
happpppy tuesday, everyone! and keep safe, Visayas and Mindanao!
COMFIT, 2nd Floor
J Centre Mall
photos grabbed from yan2 and toni.
outfit details here.