Thursday, December 27, 2012

onefrozenmargarita + iamalexa x TOPSHOP holiday '12

 for NYE -- sparkles and polka dots and bare tummy

like a diamond...

my rack, of course :)

my partner-in-crime since day 01 :)

more BTS from my shoot with Alexa for our holiday picks from Topshop. I am busy and too sad to upload the official photos i'd probably have time to do so when summer is juuust around the corner. but you have to take my word when i say you need to run (dont walk, RUN!) to the nearest Topshop and grab everything that shimmers and sparkles because there is just no other way to welcome 2013 and to say byers to 2012! we just survived an apocalypse, for Chrissake! so, yes, sparkle and shimmer like there's no tomorrow. you deserve it. :)

i miss you, family.