Thursday, November 15, 2012


there. teeth. finally.
i don't smile. scratch that. i don't KNOW HOW to smile.
i laugh like bungisngis laugh but i don't smile. even at babies.
i glare at babies because 1. i dont know how to deal with them 2. babies find girls who glare at them fascinating #truestory

my pakner-in-crime/Canon Royalty, maria maria, is all sorts of genius. but you already know that. :)
the sun did not play hard to get yesterday. a perfect day for catching up and tinkering with her cameras and ,yes, i was the (un)willing model. don't you just love how the photos turn out? insert some other girl in the photos and they would still turn out as amazing. :) ok, now im gushing. and that's another thing i don't do. i am always reduced to a fangirl everytime a woman worthy of my fandom is within a 10-meter radius. well, a tweet does that to me, too. yes, esther quek, your tweet made me a squeaking, bouncing streetcat. but i digress. :) and we miss you, NFF.

top - Ralph Lauren, shorts - OMD jeans, necklace -c/o R.A.F.