Monday, November 12, 2012


this is not the best time to be sick. i've never liked people who whine a lot so i make it a point not to be a whiner. my mom taught me to toughen up and i think she taught me well. i even think ive taken that to heart too seriously.
but this is one of those days when you just want to put the blame on someone or something. everything is just not right. even worse when the doctor says you'll get by but you feel otherwise. i am tired and sick and yes, in limbo.
but maybe i will be fine if i wear this sparkly shorts everyday. but Godknowswhere i left this little number!
it IS monday once again, my loves. and it's almost Christmas. have you made your grown-up Christmas list yet? I havent. but im working on it. :)
 knit sweater - H&M, blazer - rocco barocco, gold shorts - tally weijl, clutch - accesorize, neon hat - thrifted, belt - Moschino