Monday, November 19, 2012


 Plantation Bay on a Sunday (photo: juders)

 ang pambansang almusal - pandesal monta.

 the mess formerly known as eth's bday cake

 University of the Philippines Cebu BS BIO reprezent!
  mandatory mirror shots.
stalking beyonceeee
 stalking that brown creature right there...

 the count's yummy brogues
  nail art tutorials and coke

 the birthday boy and more mandatory mirror shots!
 PBay's huge Xmas Tree

shiny, happy people.
 cebu yacth club.
 i put pepper on everythingggg.
 chicken curry for me.
 and everyone else's food! (photo: marco)
 sip, pray, love. (thanks for the bottle, carl :p)

it's not everyday that you get to meet a person that you genuinely like. the kind you would want to be BFF's with. i don't warm up to people easily. and most of the time, i prefer to be left alone. in the corner. with a book and my generalizations. yes, i am a compulsively EMO person. 
the past year has taught me a lot about people. and more importantly, i learned a great deal about myself - how i have always been right about people. some people are just not meant to be in your life. i have dealt with that and never looked back. and in the same way, if a person decides to let me go (UNFOLLOW, UNFRIEND), i don't ask for explanations. i don't whine. not even ask why. because it's always for the best. ALWAYS. and you make space for better people. people who take you as you are. people who let you be. and people who don't take it against you if you decide to disappear and to keep things to yourself. i like that in people. i thrive in friendships and relationships that don't need assurance and renewal every single time. my being semi-nomadic has instilled great coping mechanisms in me. yes, i cry and cry and cry until there are no more tears. i hurt. i think. i move on. i forgive. i never look back. and sometimes, i forget. you have to know that about me.
so why am i going melodramatic when i should be waxing poetic about how i got lucky to be friends with E? maybe this is HOW i celebrate life and friendships - i think and reassess. and ask myself why i got so lucky and what good deed i may have done in my past life to deserve this. and after that, i drink. to life, to friendships - old and young, and to instincts!
BFF, may you always be the kind of person who move in for the coup de grace. the kind who doesnt beat around the bush. and the one person in my life who will always be unflinchingly honest. and may you catch LOVE like a bad cold. cheers!

tie-dye bikini top - Forever 21 swim, blue shorts - topshop, ombre shorts - redesigned levis from OMD jeans