Monday, July 16, 2012

the pursuit of happyness

ahh life has been crazy lately. but, no, i am not complaining. :) i have never felt so blessed and loved. 
and i realized all i needed to do was to give up on something that was not making me happy anymore. 
i am slowly shedding off all the negativity i had accumulated through the years and i find myself controlling access to my emotions. it's weird. but that would suffice for now. until i find my balance once again. :)

so, yes. im wearing happier colors now. it's a bit cloying and disgusting at times but please indulge me. it's hard for someone like me to admit that life is indeed great. 

and to chyrel, youll have this top when i see you again. so, get well soon, love!

photos: the great toni marie despojo

hello kitty sunnies from aivan magno :)