Monday, July 23, 2012

The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens..


A couple of weeks back, the French Filipino company specializing in South Sea pearls - Jewelmer Joaillerie held a private viewing of their new collection at The Tinderbox. I had to stop myself from ohhing and ahhing I grew up loving and admiring pearls much to my grandmother's dismay who thought it would be hard for me to land a husband if i wear pearls all the time. it's funny but i think my lola may have been right all along! :) but husband or no husband, i still think pearls are the prettiest and are my bestfriends when dressing up (or down). Some people find pearls too matronly but I believe there is always a color and shape that would suit every girl's (woman's) whims and desires.
Tutti-Frutti Collection
Ostrea and Lautitia-Efforo rings
"Mon Secret" bracelets in 18K gold and geunine leather. $700.00 a pop. :)
"At the heart of Jewelmer is passion. For the past three decades, it has fueled every step the company's journey towards their vision: the Perfect Pearl.
Jewelmer's rare golden Palawan South Sea pearl is the dazzling result of nature's handiwork and the pearl farmer's patient care.
Jewelmer is the only pearl producer in the world that has successfully produced pearls with a rich, natural golden color. Through decades of research and biotechnology, Jewelmer was able to perfect the breeding process that produces gold-lipped Pinctada maxima pearl oysters capable of growing large, lustrous, golden pearls. This deep gold color can only be found in South Sea pearls produced in the Philippines.
The color is almost indescribable, like the rays of an early tropical sunset trapped in a perfect sphere. Its warm glow lends a richness to the complexion of the wearer, and its sheen catches the eye even from a distance. Worn in a strand of perfectly matched orbs, the effect is a stream of liquid gold flowing around a graceful neck. "
 with Andrew of iluvcebu and dred
reymond and edd of iluvcebu
with X and noelle of iluvcebu
pearl talk over sangria with rabsin of finlust. chos.
During the talk, Jewelmer Joaillerie's Retail Ambassador, Laetitia Meriguet shared some tips on how to wear and care for your pearls:

How to care for your pearls?

Proper care will go a long way in extending the life of your pearls.
The rule of thumb in pearl wear and care is: Pearls are the last thing you wear when you leave the house in the morning and the first thing you take off when you get home at night. This is because pearls are composed of thousands of aragonite crystals, an organic substance similar to our teeth and bones. As such, hair spray and perfume don't mix well with pearls. Over-exposure to these chemicals might cause the pearl to lose their luster and become dull. Chlorine also has a similar effect so avoid wearing pearls while swimming.
Store your pearls in a moist environment to keep their luster. If you plan on keeping them in a dry environment like a safe for a long period of time, place a small amount of water in a glass to keep the atmosphere moist.
Separate pearls from other pieces of jewelry to avoid scratching them. Instead, put your pearls in a different compartment or keep them in soft cloth pouches.

photos: dred zapanta