Sunday, July 8, 2012


i like pretty girls. 
and i think all my girl friends are interestingly, extraordinarily gorgeous in their own ways.
and this right here is my summer sister Karla who surfs, takes amazing photos, plays the ukulele, and owns a longboard. yes, she is all that and all kinds of hot. 
we dont see each other as much as i would want to which is somehow OK as our conversations would normally end with "lets pack our bags and take the 1st/last boat/bus trip to wherever!"
those days of endless summer, unbriddled spirits, unkempt hair and eternal sunkissed skin may have been long gone but she and i continue to wreck havoc... albeit on the sly. :)

Photography/ Art Direction:  Toni Marie Despojo
Styling:  Vanessa East (me :))
Accesories: necklace by Eden Villarba, skull bracelets from AnaGon Collection