Tuesday, August 21, 2012

average everyday sane-psycho...

wearing: Gloria Vanderbilt's polo, OMD's redesigned LEVIS shorts, Topshop bikini

broke my heart, them shoes...
just another week of not getting enough sleep, running around, exorcising demons, eating good food, SELCAS and seeing beautiful people. Yes, being all-around supergoddess is no mean feat. so click click...  

NIKES on tonitons. yummy colors!
found LA GIRLS Last Kiss at WATSONS! 2 years after i discovered the brand at Bugis Junction :) happiness!
I need to write everything down for me to remember. im old school laykdut.

OMD meeting with tonitons over Spicy Lechon. the closest thing to heaven, i tell you.

punished. lunch with tonitons' family.

they made me eat pizza. :( hehe

WEDNESDAY: waiting for THE WickedYing :)

the only photo of me and ying! come back already, guapa!

dinner with the birthday boy at FIROZIAN Restaurant.
"Ang babaeng nage-extra rice ay pang tunay na pag-ibig." Ramon BautistaR
sugar-coated hearts for the soul.

loooong night. dessert at DOLCE CAFE BELLE FLEUR. they have nice chairs.
kayo na ang android users. ktnxbye.


mojitos and margaritas at MAYA Taqueria and Tequila Lounge.

Happpppy Birthday, JEM! :) <333>
FRIDAY NIGHT. bidyuki night!
hogging the mic. haha

"kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin... wag lang si coco martin..."

SABAW at 3AM @Kusina Restaurant.

SUNDAY. a day with the best man in the world...

...My Father, The Hero.

extra rice... #alamna
 photos stolen from pretty and guapo friends' INSTAGRAM. stalk them.