Friday, August 10, 2012


thank you, Marco for introducing me to the wonderful world of instant gratification that is INSTAGRAM. definitely easy-breezy but this also means, no proper outfit shots. :) and tonitons (my partner-in-crime slash photographer slash accountant), salamat for taking me to places beyond good ole finger-lickin-good KFC. im gonna buy you a bucket meal one day. pramis.

1. still my fave arm party. 2. loving the glitter nail polish from ETUDE and missing the litol cousin from down under simultaneously 3. MARTINI? There's a party! (naomi campbell in the 90s) 4. my fave from OMD's next collection :) 5. #likeaboss #pamper 6. my fave photo of alexa 7. Ralfe Gourmet's tablea pan de sal. 8. IT'S OFFICIAL. 9. Midnight eating my Litas. 10. Restday for the OMD girls... 11. and we deserve this sinful truffle chocolate cupcake from Malakius Art Kaffe 12. Harley loves katt! 13. I wanted to take them all home! nobody wanted them chili verde, Army Navy! 14. fried chicken wings from Toni's mom. 15. Army Navy's Bully Boy and fries. lameh kaayo. 16. Starbuck's gumamela drink for Taylor. :)

 yes, i'm on instagram - @beingmisseast :) Finally.

have a greeeat week, everyone!
and keep on shining, Mr. Sun!

CEBUANOS, you may drop your donations at the KOA TreeHouse (formerly Kukuk's Nest) Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City. #BangonPilipinas