Friday, August 17, 2012

she's down for the night...

AMISU leather jacket, FISHBONE leather shorts, TOPSHOP aztec print cropped top, JEFFREY CAMPBELL Litas
Proper photos. Finally. But old ones I have totally forgotten about.
Wore this to brunch with Team Google Philippines introducing their newest product HOW TO GO MO? to Cebu a couple of weeks ago when the weather was being a bitch. It was drizzling when i was dressing up (or maybe my mind was making it up) hence the double leather but i got to the venue and the sun was at its fiercest. geez. I very rarely consider the weather when dressing up but when i do, i expect it to have at least the decency to cooperate. And yes, I was being a complete bitch the whole time because I couldnt stand the heat and because i consider eleven AM the way others see 5AM -an ungodly hour.
But thanks to friends who still manage to take decent photos of me. :)

It's the weekend! and it's gonna be a busy weekend again at the OMD Headquarters. I intend to just be lazy this weekend and wear flip flops and make beautiful shorts but looking at these photos made me realize how ugly/beautiful my hair has become. And these were taken weeks agooo! UGLY because dark roots (when you have dyed your true hair color to oblivion) are suppose to be ugly BUT beautiful because i have totally forgotten how it feels like to have dark (and healthy) hair. But we'll see how far this whole going-back-to-my-roots vibe (pun intended) will take me.

So, what do you think, loves? To go black and never go back?
or go blonde again and flood the world wide web with photos of me duck-faced? (because its only cute to do those cloying duck faces when youre blonde). :)